Do These 7 Things to Lose Weight Fast

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If you’re like most people I work with, you’re probably frustrated with trying to lose weight. Nothing seems to work, exercise sucks, and you can’t just starve yourself forever. I know what it’s like to go from overweight to being in great shape. It’s an amazing feeling, and I’ve helped thousands of people just like […]

Beginner’s Fat Loss Diet Plan

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You’ve had it with diets that don’t work, and you don’t want to waste time. Here’s your fat loss meal plan to start right now. Let’s go! Here’s a sample meal plan of the kind of food you should be eating. We’ll go into why below (and how to substitute different foods). “I started your […]

Intermediate Milk Jug Visual Workout

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Who says you have to spend money to lose weight? Gyms are expensive, and buying equipment like weights can be a pain. Milk jugs to the rescue. Almost everyone has access to these jugs, and they provide an easy way to measure out a very specific weight. Any 1 gallon container with handles will work […]

13 Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

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Losing weight can be frustrating — like, really frustrating. It can be hard to continue when you’ve been doing everything right and aren’t seeing much loss. Sometimes we need a little inspiration that, yes, this actually IS possible! When you stick with it and follow a good diet plan, everything can change. These 13 women […]